Thursday, June 14, 2012

Food Stamp Challenge, Day 4

Stayed in my Capitol Office until nearly 9 p.m. last night to finish up an Op Ed  and read additional materials and budget impact information coming in from many constituency groups in my district.  I had not packed dinner so was pretty hungry by that time.  To make matters even more interesting, one of our departing  interns had graciously stopped by earlier in the day to drop off some delicious, homemade baklava (I know because she's been treating us to her desserts for the past three years).  Alone in my office with a plate of delectable sweets (and those of you who really know me understand where dessert ranks in my food pyramid!), I was sorely tempted to sneak one.  However, as my NAPAWF sisters taking the challenge this year with me know, one of the rules of the Hunger Challenge is no "free food".  So, I brought my "share" of the treats home to my husband.

Experiencing this reminds me that food commercials frequently blare at us on TV, and we are surrounded by plenty in the Capitol community.  For those whose access to food is restricted by income, transportation, and physical health, watching those food advertisements towards the end of the month when benefits dry up must be similarly challenging.

On my way home, I spent $1.93 on a zucchini which I added to my baked chicken and tofu dinner and a single serving package of ground coffee--Double Dutch Chocolate.  I am going to treat myself to a cuppa joe at the end of Friday when we are expected to vote for another ugly California budget.

Look for my final 2012 installment tomorrow!

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