Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Food Stamp Challenge, Day 2

Asm. Yamada's food purchases for the week
Some may question the wisdom of taking on the Hunger Challenge this week, in the difficult run-up to Friday, June 15 constitutional budget deadline.  For those battling hunger, this is the perfect week to highlight that hunger doesn't take a break.

Monday's meals were raisin bran and coconut milk for breakfast; yogurt and banana for lunch; egg salad sandwich, grapes, and a chicken drumstick for dinner.  Am drinking filtered tap water as I did not find a good deal on coffee this year.  I already warned my staff (smile).

With summer vacation, many children who rely upon the free or reduced lunch program during the school year find themselves without basic sustenance.  See http://frac.org/pdf/summer_report_2010.pdf for more information on this important nutrition program.

Tuesday is a difficult day, with committee hearings, Democratic Caucus where I will eat my chicken sandwich and grapes while my colleagues eat our usual nice catered lunch (which the legislators--not the taxpayers--pay for), followed by bill presentations in Senate Human Services and Senate Veterans Affairs.

Additional briefings with staff will be followed by a quick dash to Woodland to attend the Yolo County Farm Bureau meeting recognizing the Future Farmers of America.  A perfect group to end the day with since we are focusing, after all, on food.

More Wednesday.

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