Monday, March 14, 2011

National Ag Day: Agriculture is Amazing

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Here in Yolo County, we are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by agriculture (607,232 acres) in all directions. In honor of National Ag Day, we are tipping our hats to those in our community who grow our food and raise livestock—their jobs are essential components of our history and economy.

Ever heard the expression, “Hug a farmer”? National Ag Day pays homage to the men and women who work hard to enable that food is ultimately available for our plates and to remind us that agriculture is a part of our lives.

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Though National Ag Day is a celebration of abundance, we are also reminded of our neighbors who are unable to join in the benefits that many of us are accustomed to. This is why we at the Food Bank of Yolo County are grateful to the local farmers who donate some of their products including eggs, rice, and produce. We also receive produce donations from Yolo County residents who contact local gleaning organizations to pick fruit or vegetables from their yards.

Thank you to all of our local farmers and everyone involved in getting food to our tables.

Learn more about agriculture in Yolo County.

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