Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February's Volunteer of the Month: John Schneider

Take a walk back to the warehouse on Tuesdays and Fridays, and you’ll likely see the smiling face of this month’s featured volunteer, John Schneider. Since the fall of 2009, John has brought a ton of energy, knowledge, and a positive attitude to his volunteer position at the Food Bank of Yolo County.

John first became a volunteer with us after he picked up food from the Food Bank with a partner agency. He met our Volunteer Coordinator and has been with us ever since. When asked what his favorite part of volunteering with the Food Bank is, John told us he enjoys the opportunity to network with others, the friendly atmosphere, working with a diverse group of people, and being appreciated for his time. Thanks to John’s bicycle repair skills, our Moveable Market program has been able to give away numerous bikes at sites throughout Yolo County.

Volunteering means a lot to John. Some of his desire to help others comes from his time serving in the Army as a medic, and also from his time studying Buddhism, as he believes we are all interconnected. John has previously volunteered with organizations like Meals on Wheels and CASA.

A retired resident of Woodland, John spent much of his career with various school districts as an elementary school teacher and administrator. Originally from Los Angeles, he has also lived in Ohio, Colorado, and Washington before returning to California. Married with three daughters and four grandchildren, John enjoys painting and gardening whenever he can find the time.

Thank you John for all of your hard work!

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  1. Congratulations John!!!

    Barb (fellow volunteer on Friday mornings)


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