Monday, June 28, 2010

Food Stamp Challenge: Day 1

Today was Day 1 of my 2010 Food Stamp Challenge.

I shopped last Saturday at the south Davis Safeway, and spent $19.24 on the following:

2 pkgs. ground turkey, $4.99 (buy one, get one)
2 bananas, $.77
2 roma tomatoes, $.80
1 pkg. whole mushrooms, $.99
1 pkg. fresh spinach, $.99
1 pkg. extra firm tofu, $1.25
2 ready-made deli sandwiches, $3.98
1 loaf potato bread, $1.49
1 pkg. angel hair pasta, $.99
6 yogurts, overstock price, 3 @ $1.00 = $2.00
1 pkg. ground coffee, 1.5 oz., $.99

My meal plan includes:

Skipping breakfast as I normally do.

Lunching on yogurt with banana and half deli or meat loaf sandwiches.

Using turkey for mini meat loaf; stir fry with spinach, mushrooms, and tofu; and angel hair pasta with roma tomatoes.

Savoring my 1.5 oz. coffee packet.

I reached for but had to put back an avocado, an onion, an apple, a quart of milk, a half-pint of orange juice because I could not afford these items.

Water will be my beverage of necessity for the week.

Today, I had one carton of yogurt for breakfast, and half a turkey salad sandwich for lunch.

Heading home from my Capitol Office, Room 5144, to make stir fry and cook mini meat loaf for later in the week.

Thank you for engaging in the Food Stamp Challenge with me!

Mariko Yamada, Assemblymember, 8th A.D.

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