Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Food Stamp Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 Update

With yesterday's heat, I decided not to turn the oven on to make mini meat loaves, but made a pot of turkey meatballs instead. I used some of the potato bread to make crumb filler and ended up with over two dozen meatballs. I cooked the whole pound of angel hair pasta, and had pasta and meatballs for dinner with lots of leftovers.

Tuesday, I had half of a banana and water mid-morning snack, the other half of the turkey salad sandwich and yogurt for lunch. No headaches from caffeine withdrawal, thankfully, and I will be heading into Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee and Veterans Committee for the rest of the afternoon. Have a couple of evening committments before heading home to consider what to eat for dinner.

The Sacramento Bee has expressed interest in our challenge and will be meeting with one of their editorial board members tomorrow for "lunch".

More tomorrow. Thanks, Mariko

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