Monday, December 13, 2010

The Whole Enchilada

Last week, Chef Arturo instructed a class of young adults from the Woodland Coalition for Youth in tortilla and enchilada making. His goal was to feature a traditional dish with a more healthful approach to instill the value of nutrition in his students.

The enchiladas were made without oils, using freshly made sauces, fresh veggies, and low fat meat (chicken breast) and cheeses. Another great attribute to the class was the “hands on” aspect of learning. Each student, from the Woodland Coalition for Youth in collaboration with Tuleyome, was responsible for some portion of the meal which created a nice energy in the kitchen and encouraged conversation among students, adults, and Chef Arturo.

If you're interested in having your organization participate in a cooking class, please contact Arturo Vargas at for more information.

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