Friday, August 13, 2010

How Well Do You Know Melon?

Melons are rich in iron, contain twice the calcium that spinach has and has twice the amount of potassium that bananas have. Melons contain lots of Vitamin A, which is very important for several functions of the body.  Melons are a good source of Vitamin C, have a high water content, are relatively low in calories, and also fat and cholesterol-free.

When shopping for a Honeydew Melon, choose one whose skin has a slight waxy feel to it which means it is ripe.  They will be firm with a small amount of softness at the stem and will be fairly large.  Those that weigh about 5 pounds have the best flavor and sometimes the seeds of an especially sweet melon will rattle when shaken.

Good quality Watermelons will be firm, evenly-shaped, and heavy for its size.  The flesh of cut melons should have a fresh, firm texture, and the seeds should be fully mature and hard.  Watermelons do not ripen any further when they are cut from the vine.  Avoid watermelons that are partially pale green or white, soft overall, or that are leaking white fluid.

Good Cantaloupes will have yellow/orange coloring and be slightly soft on the stem and firm elsewhere.  The longer a cantaloupe stays on the vine, the sweeter it will be.  Avoid choosing a cantaloupe with green coloring, soft or sunken spots, or dark and dirty spots that look moldy.

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