Monday, November 29, 2010

Do you know the face of hunger?

Photo courtesy of Feeding
Last week, the USDA reported that more than 50 million Americans (including 17 million children) come from food insecure homes. To shed light on the reality of the new faces of hunger, Feeding America has partnered with the Ad Council to launch a series of PSAs featuring celebrities including Matt Damon and Taye Diggs. The purpose of these advertisements is to create awareness about hunger and inspire Americans to take action.

The message in each PSA is that the face of hunger can look like anyone: our neighbors, teachers, co-workers, etc. Each ad features a true story portrayed by a celebrity, and the goal is to break stereotypes about those who go hungry in America. Produced pro bono by Cutwater, the PSAs will begin to appear on television in early 2011 and were created as part of the national Hunger Prevention campaign.

To view the PSAs, please click here to be directed to our YouTube page.

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