Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do Some Good! It's Easier Than Ever 'Cause Paper = Food

Did you know that one in four children in California don't get enough food daily to meet their nutritional needs?  The recession has hit food banks as hard as it has Wall Street.  We're fortunate here in Yolo County to have a community that supports its local food bank.  And, thanks to the generosity of Boise  Business Products, it's easier than ever to lend your support!

You can help your company, your environment and your community all at the same time, because each time you buy a case of 30% or 100% recycled paper, Give Something Back and Boise, Inc. will donate $1 to the [ local] Food Bank!

As the San Francisco Food Bank's Paul Ash said recently on KOIT radio, "At first we really weren't expecting much, but [in six months] we received $25,000."  With a donation like that, the Food Bank of Yolo County can provide $275,000 worth of food to hungry people in our community!

We're asking businesses, schools, organizations and ANYONE who uses paper to please Celebrate Hunger Action Month by joining us in support of this initiative.  After all, you're gonna buy paper, anyway...might as well help the environment and hungry families in the process, right?   Get your Boise Business Products account today and start giving back!

As a special thank you:  the first 10 respondents who confirm their new Boise Inc. account number by emailing it to us at: inquiries@foodbankyc.org will get a complimentary copy of Shipley Walters' new book From Pantry to Food Bank: The First Forty Years.  (Account numbers will be used exclusively for confirmation, and will not be kept or used by the Food Bank)

To get started, simply call 888-456-GIVE, or visit http://www.givesomethingback.com/ today!

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