Friday, July 2, 2010

Food Stamp Challenge: Day 4

This will be the fourth of five posts on the 2010 Food Stamp Challenge.  Although we have not had any comments on this blog, The Daily Democrat in Woodland, the Davis Enterprise, the Vacaville Reporter, the Sacramento Bee, and California Food Policy Advocates in Oakland have contacted us about our efforts.

Wednesday evening, I prepared the second package of ground turkey with mushrooms and spinach and used the remaining angel hair pasta to make a tasty and filling meal of chow mein.

I have noted feeling tired a little earlier each evening without my usual eight cups of coffee a day.  I am not sure whether my staff notices any difference in my overall style given the lack of caffeine (smile), but I have been turning in about midnight each night rather than my customary 2 a.m. bedtime.

Friday, I will be in my District Office in Vacaville, beginning our summer work period.  I will continue to work every day in Sacramento as well as throughout the district while we work towards resolving the State's difficult budget crisis.

Last word tomorrow. Mariko


  1. You are such a busy and hard working woman and I admire you for your participation in this challenge. (Especially giving up your coffee!) This state needs more legislative representatives like you--ones who keep ALL Californians in mind when making decisions. I am pleased to be one of your constituents!

  2. Instead of teaching people how to live on $20 a week in food stamps, why not teach people how to make $20 a week? Teach a person to fish, not starve!

  3. I like the way you put it, you need to feel it not just intellectualize it. I have been economizing but I had no idea that it was possible to survive on $20 a week. Coffee alone is almost half that!

  4. Final Friday Report

    Thursday and Friday were whirlwinds. I think both our Capitol and District Offices were working double-speed to get ahead of the short week coming up after a three-day holiday.

    My meals last night and today were made up of the week's leftovers. I never did use the two roma tomatoes and still have $.76 left.

    But tonight, as I close out the 2010 Food Stamp Challenge, I have made myself a strong cup of coffee out of the 1.5 oz. package of French Roast that I have been saving all week. Have not had a cup of java since last Sunday, and I can say that I am savoring every swallow. For a coffee-holic, this cup is like a special dessert.

    As we begin this Independence Day holiday weekend, I think of all those who would like to throw a barbecue for their families and wonder if they will have enough to celebrate.

    Although the comments posted on the Woodland Daily Democrat and Vacaville Reporter websites have been mixed, I am glad to see this issue being discussed. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, providing millions of Americans with basic food security.

    The first Food Stamp Program began in May of 1939, more than 70 years ago. With our State unemployment rate at least 12%, our economy slow-to-recover, jobs scarce, and the widest gap between the rich and the poor since the Great Depression, SNAP benefits can provide a common-sense lifeline to all those who qualify.

    Happy Fourth of July 2010! Mariko


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