Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Asparagus- Our Veggie of the Month!

How healthy is asparagus for you?

Have you ever considered all the health benefits that asparagus--one of Spring's veggie delights--has to offer? If not, read more and learn just how much this delicious treat has to offer!

Asparagus includes many vitamins such as Vitamin A, B and C. It also contains dietary fibers, manganese, phosphorus, copper, proteins and potassium. A single serving of asparagus fulfills 10% of folate, 80% of fiber and 100% of vitamin C requirement of the body. A regular intake of asparagus helps prevent heart disease, cancer, and hypertension. Asparagus has adequate amounts of the chemical folacin, which is useful for body growth, blood cell formation and in the prevention of liver diseases. The vitamin K found in asparagus is also useful for blood clotting and is helpful in processing calcium in the body. Vitamin C in asparagus helps strengthen the immune system, and the collagen produced from the vitamin C helps strengthen bones and in holding them together.

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