Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Economy Forces New Way of Eating

Researchers have found that our current economy has breathed new life into an old tradition, as increasing numbers of Americans are opting to cook at home rather than dine out. According to a study conducted by market research firm Mintel International, about 60% of those surveyed said they're cooking more often in an effort to save money. Marcia Mogelonsky, a senior researcher at Mintel, noted that, "In the old economy, people didn't think twice about spending a little more [money] for convenience." However, nowadays, consumers are cutting their food costs by clipping more coupons, doing store to store comparison shopping, buying in bulk and preparing meals at home. The good news is, there are many benefits to cooking at home above and beyond saving money. Cooking can be a great way to control meal portions, improve nutrition and spend fun, quality time with friends and loved ones. But what does this mean for those of us who aren't exactly Emeril or Julia Child? If you fall into the category of "culinary-challenged," then look no further because help is here!
In addition to providing weekly healthy recipes on our Myspace page, the Food Bank of Yolo County will soon begin offering cooking classes to the general public in our newly remodeled kitchen conducted by our own in-house chef Arturo Vargas! Join us and learn how to prepare new nutritious and delicious recipes, or how to add some life and spice to some of your old favorites. Stay tuned to our website for more information and updates!

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