Friday, February 5, 2010

February Veggie of the Month is: Beets!

The Moveable Market program's veggie of the month is beets! Beets are high in the water soluble B vitamin, folate. Folate is best known for its importance in pregnancy and prevent of pregnancy defects. Folate is important in prenatal development (as well as all cells of the body) because it helps maintain and produce new cells. It is also important in red blood cell formation and maintenance of healthy circulation. Many Americans lack adequate folate in their diet. As a result, many foods have fortified folate, formic acid, added to them. Deficiencies in folate include mental fatigue, forgetfulness, irritability, and diarrhea. So eat your beets!

Stay tuned for more on the healthy recipes our nutritionist, Ryan, is preparing using beets. In the meantime, share with us your favorite way to cook or eat beets.

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